The Wild Rice Addition: No Specials,
Low Taxes

With new infrastructure and several open lots to choose from, the Wild Rice Addition will be home to Hendrum’s newest neighborhood. Lots are attractively priced and special assessments are nonexistent.

Connect with the Hendrum Economic Development Authority now at to learn more about available lot sizes and prices.

Your dream home may not be affordable in the big city. But here in Hendrum you can afford the perfect home for you and your family, as well as help design and customize it to fit your needs perfectly. If you have kids, make sure to plan enough room for their bikes and rollerblades, as they are a primary mode of transportation to and from our award-winning elementary school, Norman County West.

Come for a visit and let us show you our new Wild Rice Addition. You can download a PDF map here.

Click Here for a list of Building Incentives
DO YOU NEED MONEY TO BUY OR BUILD A HOME? The Down Payment Assistance Housing Fund is available to homebuyers with a household income of not more than $89,000. If approved you could receive up to $10,000 at a low rate of interest for a down payment that may be what you need to get into an existing home or build a new home.