Open for Business for Nearly 130 Years

“Small town” living does not mean small economy. Along the main streets of Hendrum, MN, you’ll find our Civic Center, our Professional Building and our post office. Within walking distance, you’ll also find a bank, a fully stocked C-store, a quiet library, many family-owned businesses and, last but not least, the Last Chance Saloon, which offers good food, on- and off-sale liquor, and plenty of opportunities to relax with your friends and neighbors.

We are proud of the services our local business leaders deliver to Hendrum and our surrounding communities. We also welcome new business and offer affordably priced commercial real estate space for rent right in downtown. Connect with a local real estate agent for more info. Below is a list of community businesses:

Cable TV-Arvig 160 2nd Ave SW
Perham, MN 56510 
Repair Service: 218.784.7000

Evergreen Apartments Owners: Del & Clarinda Schnabel 
Corner of Haylett and Main St W 
Hendrum, MN 56550 

Heritage Publications/New Century Press/Red River PromoterOwner: John Kolness 
300 Main Street E
PO Box 202 
Hendrum, MN 56550 

KLA Truck and Trailer Owner: Ken Aldrich 
224 Quincy St N 
Hendrum, MN 56550 
Truck and trailer sales and repair, collision repair, glass replacement, and complete restorations.

Lake Agassiz Regional Library 308 Main St E 
Hendrum, MN 56550 
Monday 4:00–7:00 p.m. 
Wednesday 9:00 a.m.–noon 
Thursday 2:00–5:00 p.m.

Tank's Barley House Owners: Jeff & Stephanie Johnson 

Nepstad Oil Owners: Beth & Leroy Nepstad 
133 Hwy 75 
Hendrum, MN 58550 
toll-free: 1.877.821.0160

Norman County West Schools West Elementary Hendrum 
320 Main St E
Newsline: 218.456.2153



Northwestern Bank  300 Main St E
Hendrum, MN 56550
fax: 218.861.6213

Proximity Salon                                      Owner: Amber Black                                     308 Main St E                                   Hendrum, MN 56550                       218.861.5100                                          

*Red River Valley Co-op Power Association 109 2nd Ave E 
Halstad, MN 56548-0358 
fax: 218.456.2102

Rose Manor Apartments 340 Rice St S 
Hendrum, MN 56550
Ask for Betty

Schnabel Inc 302 Main St E 
Hendrum, MN 56550 
Property preservation and maintenance, trucking, national leader for mortgage service industry.

Tommerdahl Ag Sales 124 Hwy 75 N                                       Hendrum, MN 56550                   218.861.6181

Tri-Valley Family Service Center/The Bus/ West Adventure Center 218.861.6738

Hendrum Post Office 307 E Main St 
Hendrum, MN 56550