Open for Business for Nearly 130 Years

“Small town” living does not mean small economy. Along the main streets of Hendrum, MN, you’ll find our Civic Center, our Professional Building and our post office. Within walking distance, you’ll also find a bank, a fully stocked C-store, a quiet library, many family-owned businesses and, last but not least, Tank's Barley House, which offers good food, on- and off-sale liquor, and plenty of opportunities to relax with your friends and neighbors.

We are proud of the services our local business leaders deliver to Hendrum and our surrounding communities. We also welcome new business and offer affordably priced commercial real estate space for rent right in downtown.

Click on the logos below for more information about the businesses located in Hendrum.


Evergreen Apartments Phone: 218-861-6284

Rose Manor Apartments Phone: 218-236-6900

TV, Phone & Internet Arvig Communications. Phone: 218-346-4227