A “Blue Ribbon” School System Right In Your Backyard

The pride of our local community—Hendrum and our neighboring towns—is without question our education system, which serves more than 260 K–12 students. Hendrum is home to Norman County West Elementary School, while junior and senior high students attend school in Halstad, just six miles to our north on Highway 75. In partnership with the Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, our school district is also proud to offer preschool classes at West Adventure Center, which serves 40 kids and their families.

K–12 students enjoy small classrooms with student-to-teacher ratios at 20:1 or less, the key attribute among high-achieving school systems. In fact, the U.S. Department of Education named Norman County West a “Blue Ribbon School” in 2006 in recognition of the vast improvements in student achievement in the areas of reading, math, and writing over the prior three-year period.

The personalized attention each student receives allows our school children to nurture their talents and shine brightly… perhaps more so than they could in a larger, more crowded and more intimidating environment. It’s yet another important perk of living the “small town” life here in Hendrum, MN.

For more information on the Norman County West Schools, go to www.ncw.k12.mn.us